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The term "eternal" signifies something that endures or persists indefinitely, embodying the core concept of the brand—a fragrance that possesses everlasting longevity.


Within this collection, two distinct floral flavors take center stage: White Musk and Narcissus. The illustrative concept aims to create enchanting packaging reminiscent of a fairy tale, inviting people to collect and cherish. The flowers themselves are delicately rendered with a pencil texture, exuding a sense of timeless beauty. Surrounding them are a few gracefully depicted butterflies, symbolizing the butterfly effect, where the fragrance's aroma spreads and transcends boundaries, continuing its enchanting journey

Final Illustration

Year 2022

Narcissus & White Musk

Tools: Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator

Perfume Bottle

white musk perfume_mockup.jpg
white musk perfume_mockup.jpg

Gift Box

Simple Magazine_MOCKUP.jpg

"The aromatic tendrils of the perfume gracefully embraced the air, like whispered verses from a forgotten sonnet, weaving an intoxicating symphony that lingered delicately upon the skin."

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