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Ecommerce Website

Responsive website for desktop & mobile

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Project Duration

November 2023


UIUX Designer


• User research

• Wireframing

• Prototyping

• Conducting usability studies

• Accounting for accessibility

• Iterating on designs & branding


Figma, Adobe Illustrator

We connect creators with art lovers.

Artoday serves as an online platform empowering independent artists to display and sell their diverse range of artworks. It provides a website where art aficionados explore and acquire unique, handcrafted pieces directly from a global community of skilled creators, fostering profound connections between artists and enthusiasts who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Project Overview

The Product:

An ecommerce website for purchasing handmade arts and crafts from various independent artists.

The Problem:

In today's digital landscape, online shopping has become a norm, and many aspiring artists aim to establish small businesses. Consequently, buyers are in search of a user-friendly platform to effortlessly discover and purchase diverse artworks from various artists.

The Goal:

Develop a digital platform dedicated to empowering artists to sell their artwork, while offering buyers a seamless platform to make their purchases.

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User Research

To comprehend user frustrations, needs, and preferences, I conducted comprehensive research involving interviews and user surveys for my project. The aim was to gain insights into users' experiences while purchasing arts and crafts online from various artists' websites. Throughout this research, a significant user segment emerged, comprising working adults and artists in search of a convenient platform for both buying and selling artworks.

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Paper Wireframe

I generated multiple wireframes for the desktop website, selecting the layouts most fitting for the homepage. After iterations, I finalized versions for both the desktop and mobile website homepages.


Digital Wireframe

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Low Fidelity Prototype

I developed a lo-fi prototype to test the website's user flow and functionalities for seamless performance. LINK HERE

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Usability Study

I remotely conducted a 20-minute unmoderated usability study with five participants based in Canada. Overall, after the unmoderated usability study. I found key insights that I can improve on for a better user flow.

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Main Page


The homepage showcases shop promotions and events, featuring recommended products and best sellers. It introduces new artists and highlights platform features, all supported by a simple navigation bar displaying categories and functions at the top.

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The catalog page displays diverse product categories for easy customer navigation, while filters simplify showcasing items tailored to individual needs.

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Product page

The product page showcases essential details: artist's name, product name, price, ratings, reviews, and searchable hashtags. Towards the bottom, find related products tailored to your interests, simplifying your search for similar items.

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Shopping Cart

Shopping cart

Upon adding an item or hovering over the cart icon, a pop-up shopping cart appears. The cart page displays order details and summaries, accompanied by a list of your recently viewed items at the bottom.

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Checkout process

The checkout process involves three steps to input information, allowing review and correction of any errors. Additionally, an order summary detailing your purchased products is provided for your convenience.

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Order status

The order confirmation page displays the order's tracking number and a summary. Within the user profile, you can easily access your order, view its status, and make any necessary changes directly from there.

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Mobile website

After completing the desktop mockups, I extended the design process to create mockups tailored specifically for the mobile version.

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Thank you for watching!

Year   Nov 2023

Designer   Joline Chien


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