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Oolong Tea Packaging Design 

Taiwanese tea has been developed for more than 200 years. It is one of the traditional beverages of Taiwanese people and has a close relationship with Taiwanese humanities and customs. This project is to redesign the packages of oolong tea, specifically the oolong tea of Alishan, Lishan, Dongding, and Shanlinxi. They are located in different places with unique features. The tea illustrations are designed in a modernistic way, thus, the colors of each design represent the atmosphere of the origins.


台灣茶葉已經發展了200多年,是台灣人的傳統飲品之一與台灣人文風俗有著密切的關係。 本項目是對烏龍茶的包裝進行重新設計,特別是阿里山、梨山、凍頂、山林溪的烏龍茶。 它們分佈在不同的地方,具有獨特的特徵。 茶葉插畫以現代主義的方式設計,因此每個設計的顏色都代表了這四個地方的氣氛。


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