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WOOPETz is a limited hand-painted character series. Every season there will be a new series of characters representing different eras, with indicated designs like famous historical myths, ghosts at night, Chinese civilization, and other human history and culture. With more people joining this team, this will be developed into a widget game for both IOS/Android apps.




100 years ago, 
the earth was occupied and destroyed by unknown evil forces, and human civilization faced extinction. After 100 years, a group of a cosmic army composed of animals from the parallel time of the 25th century came to the destroyed earth.

While traveling and investigating the earth in different eras, they are fighting against the unknown villains who are following and interrupting them...

woopetz behance-02.png

7 planets from left to right are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, and Venus.

woopetz behance-03.png
woopetz behance-04.png

SLOPPY CAT - has 9 color skins, a very soft, liquid-like body, and can transform into any shape. Very lazy cat; if it can sit then it won't walk. Usually doesn't do anything but act cute.

woopetz behance-05.png

ALPACACACA - has 9 color skins, and very short legs sometimes you can't see its legs. It walks very loudly with sound-like CACACA, so its name is from its stepping sound. Very hard-working but always expose itself because of its stepping.

woopetz behance-06.png

BEAR ROAR - has only 7 color skins and a very stiff bear. Moves very slowly and its biggest weapon is its size, stiffness, and roar. It can just stand there and scare the villains away.

woopetz behance-09.png
woopetz behance-07.png
woopetz behance-10.png
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